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This was a fun assignment during Cohort 4 of Moms Can Code School (which later became Digital Project Masters). Our team's task was to design and build an MVP for an online storefront for the fictional owner of a brick-and-mortar women's clothing boutique. We were given a brief statement of what the client needed to achieve and a description of the buyer.

Andrea Martz independently built this page to tell the story of how our project came to life.

The Team

photo of Andrea Martz

Andrea Martz

photo of Claire Helland

Claire Helland

Client Description and Competitors

Client Description



Buyer Persona

From the assignment:

"Erin, 37, is a fit and active woman with two children under the age of 6. She loves to add pieces to her wardrobe that won't break the bank and are easily washed. She has a classic style and likes to mix in a few trendy pieces. At this time, she is a stay-at-home mom, but she still wants to look stylish and not 'get stuck in the mom.' She loves entertainment TV, and her favorite blogs to follow are Ivory Lane, 9to5chic, and Hello Fashion."
buyer persona

Business Model Canvas

With our client's need and the buyer persona in mind, we aimed to come up with a page design that would delight the user and meet the client's needs. To inform this design, we first created a business model canvas.


Customer Journey

We also needed to outline the customer journey.



Our mockup was easy to create after we thoroughly understood the client's needs, business model, and customer journey.

Accessibility Audit

At the time of building the site, we had not yet learned about accessibility on the web. After building the site, I independently ran an automated accessibility check on the site using a tool from the Bureau of Internet Accessibility's website. As another exercise, I wrote an accessibility audit report, which you can find here.

Technologies and Tools Used

We found the following tools to be important in our process:

I used some additional tools independently after the MVP was built: